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Fiddle From the Ground Up
Fiddle From the Ground Up

This is a beginning/early intermediate learning tune book I put together for fiddle students.  It includes sheet music and tablature for 30 tunes (and information about how to read those notation systems).  It also includes 77 listening tracks that include each tune played slowly and up to speed and tutorial tracks for finger placement and embellishment techniques.

Table of Contents  —   Sample tune: Boil Them Cabbage Down

Hard copies and listening CDs are available from me for $20 + $5 domestic shipping. A digital copy is available for $10.


Velocipede Tune Book

Tunebook-Cover-Smaller-1024x1024Original tunes by Julia Plumb & Baron Collins-Hill. Released March 2014!

We offer a digital PDF version of the book ($10) as well as a spiral bound print copy mailed to your door ($20 including shipping). You can also buy one from us at a live performance for $15. The companion recordings, both slow and up to speed versions, are available here!



Hunt the Squirrel, 2015

HTS small

Recorded by Velocipede in February of 2015, Hunt the Squirrel is packed with 65 minutes of fiddle tunes from North America, Sweden, Ireland, England, Canada, Scotland, and even a few original compositions! Hunt the Squirrel is available for digital download here, or order a hard copy below for $10 + $5 S&H.

Velocipede, 2012


Our debut album is available for digital download here, or order a hard copy below for $10 + $5 S&H.

Other Velocipede recordings are on our Bandcamp page.

My recording of an original music story, Antoine and the Thousand Fiddles.

Musical bits and pieces on my SoundCloud page.